FCE writing - Article (ukázka)

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FCE writing – Article (ukázka)

  • Ukázka, jak by měl vypadat článek (article) tak, abyste získali A
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You see this announcement in an international travel magazine


The perfect holiday destination

Have you found the perfect holiday destination? If so, write us an article

describing the place

saying why it is special for you

We will publish the best article next month


FCE writing – Article (ukázka)

I don’t know if I have found the perfect holiday destination but I’m sure taht Watamu is the best place I have ever visisted

Watamu is a small village on the coastline of Kenya. It takes three hours to arrive there by car from the capital Nairobi but it’s a trip that is worth to be done.

When I booked the holiday I thought I was going to spend all the time laying on the beach. I was wrong! Once arrived there I discovered a lots of way to have fun. The sea and the white beaches with the palms are stunning but there something you can enjoy. The countryside is also interesting and people are friendly and sell the products of their poor country always smiling.

And you cannot imagine how amazing is to make a safari in the park. Because of the very hot temperature, you have to set out very early in the morning if you want to see all the animals. The landscape of the park is fascinating, everything seems to very dry, there are no trees just bushes. Driving on your jeep you discover something realy special: a wild world full of life.


Opět upozorňuji, že v článku jsou chyby  – na FCE writing se nepočítá, že odevzdáte svou práci bez chyb, ale musíte vyhovět formě a hlavně používat adekvátní slovní zásobu

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