Skotsko - maturitní otázky z angličtiny

Skotsko – maturitní otázky z angličtiny

Zpracovaná maturitní otázka na téma Skotsko – od zeměpisu až po památky.

United Kingdom


    Scotland can be divided into three areas: the highlands and islands (in the north), the central lowlands, the uplands (in the south – on the border with England)


Edinburgh – the capital

    Edinburgh is situated on the river called Firth of Forth. Edinburgh’s oldest building is

St Margaret’s Chapel

    (1100), it is also the smallest ecclesiastical building in Britain and it is a part of the


The Castle

    houses the Scottish Crown Jewels (= korunovační klenoty) – crown, sword, sceptre (= žezlo).

St Giles Cathedral is situated in the High street, in the cathedral there’s a statue that commemorates the first act of the Reformation

The Parliament House

    is situated in Parliament Square but the Scottish Parliament doesn’t meet there any more – now it’s used for the supreme law court

Holyroodhouse is the ancient palace of Stuarts, now it is used as the official residence of the Queen when she is in Scotland

The Edinburgh Festival

    is the most famous festival in Scotland, it is held for three weeks in August; in fact there are two festivals – the international festival of music and the arts + the largest book festival in the world

Places of interest in Scotland:


    – the largest city in Scotland and the fourth largest city in Britain, it was famous for its engineering and shipbuilding, nowadays it’s renowned for its university and art galleries (e.g. The National Gallery of Scotland)

St Andrews – it is the university city and famous summer resort, the University of St Andrews is the oldest and smallest in Scotland

Loch Ness

    – is situated in the Highlands, it contains enormous volume of water and it is renowned for its Loch Ness monster mystery
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