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LONDON (Londýn) - reálie Velké Británie


  • The capital of both England and the United Kingdom
  • It’s the largest city in the country
  • Lies on the river Thames
  • Covers the area of about 1,600 square kilometres
  • The population is about 7, 5 million (according to wikipedia)
  • It includes the City of London and 32 boroughs
  • It’s the seat of the monarch, the Parliament, the Government and the Supreme Court (= nejvyšší soud)

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Velká Británie (Great Britain, the United Kingdom) - reálie Velké Británie


  • Full name = United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  • Consists of: Great Britain (Velká Británie)+ Northern Ireland (Severní Irsko)

United Kingdom

GREAT BRITAIN (Velká Británie)

  • Consists of three parts: England, Wales and Scotland (England occupies the middle and southern part of British Isles, Wales is situated along the peninsula (= poloostrov) of the same name along the west coast of the British Islands, Scotland consists of northern part and the Hebrides, Orkneys and the Outer Shetland)
  • Situated in the British Isles


  • British isles is the general term for the two largest islands – Great Britain and Ireland and about 5,000 smaller islands
  • British isles include the Isle of Wigh off the southern coast of England, the Isle of Scilly off the extreme south-west, Anglesey off North Wales, the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea
  • Western Scotland is surrounded by numerous islands  e.g. the Hebrides, the Orkneys and the Shetlands

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Reálie Velké Británie - Britská královská rodina

Anglická královna

British Royal Family (Britská královská rodina)


  • The British Royal Family’s surname is Windsor.
  • They changed their name from Saxe-Coburg-Gotha to Windsor in 1917, because of an anti-German sentiment (proti-německé hnutí) that rose up during the World War One.
  • King George V renounced (vzdal se) all the German titles belonging to him and his family and adopted the name of his castle, Windsor.
  • The Royal family are members of the Church of England (they can only be Church of England because Roman Catholics are barred from succession (nemohou být následníky trůnu)).

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Reálie v angličtině: politický systém ve Velké Británii (Political system in Great Britain and Gunpowder plot)

Reálie v angličtině: politický systém ve Velké Británii (political system in Great Britain and Gunpowder plot

Zpracované téma politický systém ve Velké Británii (Political system in Great Britain), včetně vysvětlení co to je tzv. Gunpowder plot.


Britain has a two-party system. This means that only two parties stand a chance of exercising government, alone or in some form of agreement with a third party.

The present system of political parties has existed since the 18th century. There are now two major parties: the Conservative Party and the Labour Party. Other parties existing in GB are: the Liberal Democrats, the Communist Party…

Parliament, the law making body, consists of three elements:
the Monarchy (has just a ceremonial role)
the House of Commons
the House of Lords

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Vzdělávání ve Velké Británii

Anglická královna

Vzdělávání ve Velké Británii

Vzdělávání ve Velké Británii – vhodné ke státní jazykové zkoušce nebo jako součást maturitní otázky Education, Jobs, nebo reálií.

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