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CANADA - reálie Kanady

CANADA (reálie Kanady)

  • The second largest country in the world (its area covers about 9,900 000 kilometres)
  • It occupies the northern part of the North American continent, bordered by the USA in the south, the Pacific Ocean and Alaska in the west, the Artic Ocean in the north and the Atlantic Ocean in the east
  • Although it is the second largest country it is relatively thinly populated (the population is about 33 millions)
  • 2 official languages: English + French


  • The original inhabitants were Indians and Eskymos and the first settlers arrived there as early as in the ice age, but the coast of Canada was for Europe re-discovered in the 15th century, after that the first permanent European settlers were the French in the 17 the century, which later resulted (vyustílilo) in the Anglo-French rivalry and the following (následnou) defeat (porážku) of the French

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