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Zpracované otázky z anglické filologie část fonetika na Univerzitě Palackého v Olomouci.


Anglická filologie - Fonetika

Anglická filologie – Fonetika

Phonological theory, relationship between phonetics and phonology (phoneme, phone, allophone, phonetic features, contrasts, complementary distribution, free variation, neutralization, phonological rule, phonetic terms for classification of vowels, phonetic terms for classifications of consonants, phonemic inventory)

= a branch of linguistics that studies the production of sounds
3 main branches of phonetics:
1. articulatory phonetics – how different articulators cooperate to create sounds
2. acoustic phonetics – study and description of the acoustic properties
3. auditory phonetics – hearing and comprehension of sounds
– phone = the smallest identifiable unit in an utterance that can be transcribed by an IPA symbol
– allophone = variant of a phoneme, basic unit for a narrow transcription (e.g. [p] – no aspiration (e.g. spot.) [ph] – aspiration (e.g. pot))

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